Product Story

Frequency Oil

100% Plant Oil Perfume "Frequency Oil"

Since ancient times, perfume has been used for religious purposes and as medicine. 


In recent years, however, perfume has been increasingly used as part of fashion, pleasure, and entertainment.
This trend seems to have been driven by the development of gas chromatography in the 1950s, which made it possible to analyze fragrance components, leading to the development of synthetic fragrances, stable production, and distribution.




Fast-forward to the modern era:

Fragrances are not only fashion statements, but have diversified into cosmetics, household products, relaxation, beauty, hospitality, religion and phytotherapy.



While enjoying various fragrances,

I wanted to create a fragrance that was uniquely mine, reminiscent of the 100% herbal scents loved by the ancients.

I did this while consulting a co-founder who is a medical aroma therapist.

Just as the colors of vegetables and fruits represent their nutrients,

the scent of each plant has its own meaning.

I hope you enjoy the message conveyed not by words but by scent.


To adjust or match frequencies

It is said that the aromatic components of plants, when smelled, go directly through the olfactory system to the limbic system of the brain, triggering various instructions.
This means that it directly affects the instinctual part of a person, unlike sight or taste.

To help you get back to yourself amid a busy life.

I created this perfume to blend into everyday life.


When you want to set the atmosphere

When you want to focus

When you want to relax and unwind

During yoga or meditation

To calm the mind

For purification

To return to yourself

To balance frequencies



Frequency Oil No.1


A scent that supports you in crucial moments, like a talisman.


In everyday life


When you want to increase focus,

When you want to tap into your own strength,

When you feel anxious or tense,

When you want to enter "the Zone."

It works on your subconscious.


Sharpening the mind and focusing with Elemi

Grounding and firmly connecting with the earth with Palmarosa

Transcending time and space, purifying everything with Myrrh

Blending with Atlas Cedar, Clove, Oak Moss, and Jasmine






Canarium luzonicum

Sourced from the resin of an evergreen tree native to the Philippines. Has a lemon-like scent with a spicy undertone.

Physical effects: Scar formation (wound healing), anti-amoebic, stimulates secretory glands, aids digestion.

Mental effects: Said to bring calm and peace to the mind, suitable for meditation.


ぱるまろーざ .jpeg


Cymbopogon martinii

Mainly found in Vietnam, India, Nepal, and Madagascar. Derived from the whole plant (except the root) of a grass belonging to the Poaceae family.

Physical effects: Analgesic, antibacterial, immunostimulant, antifungal, lymphatic drainage.

Mental effects: Its rose-like scent is said to stabilize and elevate the mind.



Milra (Myrrh)
Commiphora molmol

Sourced from the resin of trees in semi-desert areas of the Middle East and Northeast Africa. Famous since ancient times as a fragrance and medicine. Also used in mummification.

Physical effects: Anti-inflammatory, scar formation (wound healing), reduced libido, antiviral.

Mental effects: Its deep, musk-like scent is uplifting in times of low spirits.



Atras ceder
Cedrus atlantica

Harvested from trees in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa. The name cedar comes from a Semitic word meaning 'spiritual power,' and it has long been a symbol of faith.

Physical effects: Strengthens lymphatic system, veins, and arteries, dissolves fat.

Mental effects: Its gentle, woody scent is said to encourage bravery and dispel anxiety.



Eugenia caryophyllus

Originating from the Moluccas Islands of Indonesia, it is harvested from fresh buds. Known for its potent antibacterial and antiviral properties, it is often used in recipes to prevent infection.

Physical effects: Antibacterial, antimicrobial, analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-parasitic.

Mental effects: Its gentle, woody scent is said to encourage bravery and dispel anxiety.


オークモス .jpeg

Oak moss 
Evernia prunastri

Sourced from lichens growing on oak trees, originally from Yugoslavia. Famous for its use by Native Americans in treating coughs, asthma, and other bronchial ailments

Physical effects: Soothes disturbed digestive systems, effective against respiratory diseases.

Mental effects: Its woody, sensual aroma has a calming effect on the mind.



Jasminum officinalis <absolute>

Extracted from the flowers of the plant growing in Egypt, India, and Morocco. Widely used in high-end perfumes.

Physical effects: Relaxing, mentally strengthening, calming.

Mental effects: Its sweet, floral scent is said to uplift the mood.



Frequency Oil No.2


The base of mind and body. A fragrance that balances and gives you a good grounding.

Before meditation, before sleep, when feeling unwell,
It helps to release your cells from daily tension and supports mental stability.
A blend of essential oils
to support the overall adjustment of mind and body against stress-induced discomfort.


Bergamot, for calming the autonomic nervous system,

Petitgrain, for calming the body's imbalances,

Marjoram, a warm presence that calms nerves and replenishes Qi,

Benzoin, for soothing heightened emotions and nerves.






Citrus aurantium ssp. amara

It is extracted from the leaves of the bitter orange plant cultivated in countries such as Italy and Paraguay. Commonly used to treat mental and nervous system disorders.

Physical effects: Antispasmodic (neurogenic), restores nerve balance, anti-adrenaline.

Mental effects: Its fresh, refreshing scent is said to dispel melancholic moods.



Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia

Named after the Italian city of Bergamo, where it was cultivated and extracted from the peel of citrus trees. It is commonly used against insomnia and for stress care.

Physical effects: Central nervous system calming, sleep-inducing, antibacterial, carminative.

Mental effects: Its fresh, clear citrus scent is refreshing.


Origanum majorana

Extracted from the flowers and stems of a plant in the Lamiaceae family. Historically used in folk medicine and cooking in Europe.

Physical effects: Sleep-inducing, nerve calming, lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels, antibacterial.

Mental effects: Its fresh, spicy scent is said to free the mind from stress.



Styrax benzoe

Harvested from the resin of small trees native to Sumatra and Java. The resin, exuded and solidified after cutting into the trunk, has a long history of use in religious ceremonies.

Physical effects: Scar formation (wound healing), calming, antibacterial (pulmonary diseases), expectorant.

Mental effects: Its sweet, vanilla-like scent is said to liberate the mind from tension.



About the fragrances used in Frequency Oil

The fragrances in Frequency Oil use essential oils.

Essential oils are volatile oils produced by plants, characterized by their unique fragrances, and extracted from them through distillation. It's said that plants store aromatic components in special glands in leaves, petals, and roots for purposes like waste elimination, pheromone release, and insect repellence. The extracted essential oils are believed to have various benefits.

Frequency Oil lists its ingredients in a transparent manner. By consulting specialized literature or chemotype essential oil websites, you can research the meanings of the scents blended in the oils, enhancing your enjoyment of their aromas.

On the use of chemotype essential oils:

Plants are identified globally by a scientific name under a set system.


Usually, essential oils extracted from the same species should have fundamentally identical compositions. However, the component composition of essential oils can vary significantly depending on the growing location.


Chemotype refers to essential oils with assured traceability, recognizing differences due to growth conditions and individual variation, ensuring safety.



100% natural, with clear indications of cultivation and growth locations.

Besides the scientific name and extraction part, the label includes distillation/extraction dates and quality assurance expiration. Each bottle of chemotype essential oil comes with a component analysis, ensuring quality for each batch of Frequency Oil.


* Note: This product is not a medicinal drug. Please enjoy it as a richly scented perfume.

* Depending on production, alternative essential oils may be used. Please check the latest components on the website's product page.