Product Story

Organic Cotton Canvas


LIFESTYLIST products feature organic cotton fabric crafted from premium-grade cotton grown in western Turkey.

After being shipped to Japan by sea, it undergoes custom weaving at Marushin Kogyo, a production facility in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, boasting a nearly century-long history.​


Proudly boasting a 120-year history, Marushin Kogyo is a prestigious canvas manufacturer in Okayama Prefecture, Japan.​

This factory produces the canvas for our precious products, destined for customers who can experience the genuine warmth of the creators imbued in every piece.​

Dating back to 1888, Kurashiki Canvas is produced by intertwining multiple strands of 100% cotton yarn, resulting in a thread that possesses both flexibility and strength.

Woven on the esteemed ‘shuttle loom,’ a technique highly valued today, this fabric is known as "Kurashiki Hampu’ featuring impeccably finished edges on both sides.





In the factory, a nostalgic scene unfolds, accompanied by an indescribably sweet and gentle aroma of cotton lingering in the air.

As you enter, you'll find hardworking weaving machines in action, producing a loud ‘clack-clack’ sound.​




There are many processes involved in the production of canvas fabric.​

Warping process

The process of combining 2 to 8 threads, referred to as warp threads, into a single thread.

During this process, the thickness of the canvas fabric to be woven is determined by the number of threads combined.​






Each thin thread gradually comes together, twists harmoniously, and transforms into the beautiful Kurashiki canvas.


The hands of a seasoned factory staff member.
Simply by observing the lines on their hands alone, you can sense the commitment they pour into their craft.
The sight of experienced staff gently and patiently instructing the younger ones left a lasting impression.


Weaving process

A beam is loaded onto the loom, and the process of setting the horizontal threads for plain weaving is performed.

The output from a single loom, over the course of 8 hours a day, is approximately 50 to 70 meters.





The valuable shuttle loom, destined to outlive us all and continue working tirelessly.

Covered in cotton dust, it keeps moving constantly, undergoing maintenance and repairs by human hands. Even today, it operates with vigour.





Folding process

The process of stacking and folding every meter, and further folding in half, gradually building up according to the thickness or gauge.

The final stage involves a visual inspection by human eyes, checking for any flaws and conducting repairs as needed.





The canvas, perfected and awaiting shipment.

Anticipation grows as we imagine how its beauty may be transformed into various products that will finally reaches customers’ hands.





Hearing the perspective of a factory worker, who expressed with a smile, “I aspire to craft something exceptional, unique in its own right, placing emphasis on quality over efficiency.

My goal is to meticulously create each item with dedication and affection,” truly embodied ‘MADE IN JAPAN.

We hope that LIFESTYLIST's canvas bags will continue to bring joy and be cherished for many years to come.